Ready Girls® Ready Pack – especially for you!

Ready Girls Ready Pack is a revolutionary new product developed specifically with you in mind. It truly is the essential period pack- it has everything you need when you are out and about having fun and your Period starts. There is no need to panic as this discreet pack contains everything and will fit into your school bag, gym pack or hand bag! It is at the ready just for you. No one need ever know!

What does Ready Girls® Ready Pack contain?

The Ready Girl Ready Pack has two wet wipes ensuring that you feel shower fresh, simply tear open the pack to use.

A spare pair of panties is essential if a period occurs unexpectedly and you are away from home, so of course Ready Girls Ready Pack has a disposable pair at hand for you!

Each pack has 2 sanitary pads. To use these, simply peel the strip from the back of the pad, open the “wings” of the pad and apply it sticky side towards your panties and wrap the wings around the band of the panties – this will keep the pad in place.  Dispose of the soiled sanitary pad in one of the 2 disposable bags in your Ready Girl® Ready Pack. Then you are ready to go!

The Benefits to You!

Ready Girls Ready Pack gives you a one stop period pack with everything you need to carry on living your life to the full. When your Period starts, the fun doesn’t have to stop. Carrying a Ready Girls Ready Pack with you empowers you to deal with your first period with confidence.

As your periods can take some time to settle down they may come at the most unexpected time.  Continuing to carrying your Ready Girls Ready Pack with you ensures you are always prepared.Our Discreet Ready Girls case has been specially designed to look like any other fashion accessory case eg. a glasses or pencil case. It will not draw any unwanted attention. If your case falls out of your bag no one will think anything of it, no one will know what it contains.

Ready Girls case discreetly fits into your school bag, Ballet Bag, or gym bag and look completely at home there. The funky case has a wipeable surface. This means Ready Girls case will look fresh for as long as you need to have it in your bag. Ready Girls case is small enough so that you can simply slip it into your hand and go to the nearest bathroom totally un-noticed. You will quickly be  back in action to play basketball, tennis, football or whatever activity you enjoy. Place a Ready Girls Ready Pack in your bag today and get on with having the time of your life!

Benefits to moms and dads

If you aren’t sure how to start “the talk” Offering a Ready Girls Period Pack to your daughter gives you a reason to break the ice and start the chat. Our Ready Girls Ready Pack has an information leaflet which gives basic information. This may suffice initially if you aren’t comfortable giving details about what is happening to your daughter. Our Website has more information which may be helpful.

By giving Ready Girls Period Pack you are letting your daughter know that you understand her feelings and that you want her to be comfortable with what is happening to her.  Many of our daughters are embarrassed initially about carrying sanitary towels with them in their school bags. Ready Girls Ready Pack takes away this embarrassment by discreetly hiding her sanitary towels, panties and wipes. The things that take a bit of getting used to.

By giving Ready Girls you are ensuring your daughter can deal with an unexpected period with confidence.