The Journey to Ready Girls

Hi there

I am Aileen Rogers and mam to three gorgeous (but busy!) children and the founder of Ready Girls Ready Pack.

My two eldest children are girls.  When my eldest daughter was getting to the stage where I felt she was ready for “The talk” you know, the one about growing into a young woman? I looked about for information to help guide our chat and ensure that I wouldn’t make a dogs dinner of it! The information was easy enough to gather. But I also wanted to give her something so no matter where she got her first period and I wasn’t around she would be completely prepared.  A security blanket if you like.

Again I went shopping. I wanted something discreet, a case she could fit into her school bag or sports bag or both if necessary. I checked everywhere for something that would fit the bill but there was simply nothing available.

The advent of menstruation can be an exciting but challenging time in a young girls life.  Some girls cannot wait for it, others just don’t want to know about growing up.   I wanted to make the pending period as trouble free as possible for my daughters, I didn’t want them have to worry about other things, the small stuff like having a sanitary towel or a spare pair of pants with them if a surprise Period caught them unawares.  So in the absence of anything better I put together a pack of individual items. My eldest daughter was so happy with it and felt much more comfortable about the pending event.  But while my pack addressed her needs, it got me thinking.  It was ok but it didn’t look right- I felt it could be better.

Eureka – an idea was borne! With the great help of my daughters, their friends, and their moms I developed a pack to fit the bill- the Ready Girls Ready Pack- the Essential Period Pack for T’weens and Teens.

Ready Girls Ready pack is a safety blanket and my gift to my daughters and all the other young girls out there who want to enjoy everything life has to offer and not to worry about having the essentials if they have a Period away from home.

Because mums and dads need help and support too, the Ready Girls website has been specially developed to give helpful tips for when the time comes to chat with your daughter a little easier.

I hope you like it, please let me know if there is anything else you would like to see added to the website Click Here.


Aileen X